We’re committed to helping individual investors, just like you, learn how to follow the smart money. We know it can completely change the way you trade and help you achieve your financial objectives faster.

When we refer to smart money, we’re talking about money that is traded by people who are the most informed.

There are three critical components to following the smart money:

  1. Spot Unusual Option Activity (UOA) – Someone knows something we don’t, and they’re taking action on it. Our proprietary Heat Seeker™ software tracks this over all exchanges.
  2. Determine if it’s meaningful – Much of UOA isn’t necessarily smart money moving. There are specific parameters we use to determine if it is and find the best opportunities.
  3. Decide how to trade it – No two traders will, or even should, trade the information the same way.

Even after folks understand how to follow the smart money, many traders get lost when it comes to execution. That’s not a surprise. It’s not unlike anything else that requires a specific skill set or special knowledge. In most cases, you need someone to walk the path with you who has been down it before. Someone who can show you the way.

We’ve had many guides and mentors over the years – our parents, football coaches, other traders, financial experts – and more. It has significantly impacted our success. We want to do the same for others but the two of us can’t possibly work one-on-one with everyone.

We’ve put together a team of experienced floor traders, brokers, and analysts to help us educate and mentor retail investors. They’re highly trained, skilled, and most importantly, share our vision. As you know, the knowledge, experience, and character of a mentor makes all the difference.

For those that are serious, we’ve created an opportunity to work with our team. They’ll start by taking the time to understand your current situation and what you want to accomplish, and then help you determine if working with us is a good fit. There’s no obligation. It’s just a straightforward conversation.

Fill out the form on this page to request a time to speak with somebody from our team.

Whether you’re new to trading and are a little overwhelmed or if you’re an experienced trader looking for a little guidance to refine your approach or implement more discipline, we’d like to guide you on your path and help you improve your odds.  

We’ll call you in the next couple of days! (Answer that number you don’t recognize!)


Until next time, Trade Smarter!

Jon & Pete Najarian

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